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Snow Moles on Patrol: Age-Friendly Volunteers Root Out Winter Walking Problems
Join us as we host a webinar presented by the Council on Aging of Ottawa's Pedestrian Safety and Walkability Sub-Committee on November 15, 2022 at 10:00 - 11:00 AM MT to:

- Learn about the history and evolution of the Snow Mole campaign to report on safe winter walking conditions in Ottawa.

- Find out how you can engage and mobilize your community to promote safe winter walking.

- Identify and recruit community champions, including key city councillors and staff.

Winter conditions can make winter walking dangerous – particularly for older people and those using mobility aids. Older adults can become housebound and socially isolated in the winter months, fearful of falling on ice and unable to climb over high snowbanks. People using wheelchairs and walkers as well as mothers pushing strollers are challenged by narrow sloping sidewalks, snow windrows and curb cuts covered by ice.

Walkability and pedestrian safety in winter have been a priority of the Council on Aging of Ottawa (COA) since 2016. Since 2019, we exclusively focused on winter walking through the annual Snow Mole campaigns and implementing an online tool to collect the data in addition to paper-based audit tools.

This annual project offers the voice of residents, particularly older adults, and other vulnerable pedestrians, on winter walkability based on "boots on the ground" information they themselves collect. The 2022 Snow Mole Campaign and Final Report once again alerts the City and community to how age-friendly and accessible the city truly is in the winter.

Nov 15, 2022 10:00 AM in Edmonton

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Mary Haller
Mary has been a Physiotherapist for over 35 years in a variety of areas and has extensive experience in geriatrics. She helped get the Champlain Falls Assessment & Streamlined Treatment clinic up and running as their first physio and is passionate about fall prevention, prevention of deconditioning in older adults and helping seniors maintain their independence. She has had the opportunity to do many presentations on fall prevention to community groups and is excited to be using her background experiences while working with the COA’s Pedestrian Safety and Walkability sub-committee.
Min Ku
Min grew up in Ottawa and recently returned after many years of living abroad. She has previously worked in mental health outreach for a non-profit organization in Japan and volunteered for their English language TELL Lifeline. Min believes strongly in the many physical, mental, social (and financial!) benefits of walking, and works on Pedestrian Safety and Walkability to help people from “all walks of life”. She is a caregiver to her parents and remembers the frustrations of pushing a baby stroller in winter, so she is passionate about finding solutions that benefit everyone!